HEF funds grants to help establish an academic environment that will encourage students to realize their potential as members of society. Teachers can submit proposals to HEF. The proposal consists of a program the teacher would like to carry out within their academic discipline. Accompanying each proposal is a budget within which the program will operate. The process is designed so that the reviewers can assimilate as much information about the proposed grant as possible. The HEF Board of Directors then reviews the proposal and a number are selected for funding the following academic year. Monies are then allocated for the materials, equipment, or educational event that comprises the proposal.

To Apply for a Grant:

1. Download HEF Grant Application                                                                                                     2. Fill Out Form                                                                                                                                     3. Email it back to HEF at

**If you have any questions please call Wes Fifield at (909) 931-3363.