“The purpose of the Highlander Education Foundation is to stimulate achievement in all Upland students by promoting pride in education and enhancing learning opportunities. HEF strongly believes that both self-esteem and motivation are important ingredients for a successful and fulfilling life.” 


On behalf of the Upland Unified School District we would like to introduce you to an organization founded to promote the funding of school activities and programs. This organization is what we call HEF, or the Highlander Education Foundation. HEF is the booster club for the Upland Unified School District. Because the state is not capable of providing all necessary funds, HEF was conceived. HEF was incorporated in February of 1985.


In the years since its birth, HEF, through the dedication and hard work of private  individuals from the community, was busy searching for and developing funding mechanisms. Money was necessary to help in achieving HEF’s goals and objectives.

Its goal is to enhance the academic achievement of all Upland students. It accomplishes this by raising funds from individuals and community organizations through its annual showcases and direct donations. By working with staff and administrators, HEF can identify the areas of greatest need and provide funds and equipment that are not easily available from public sources.


HEF’s three main areas of contribution at the high school are student recognition, funding of classroom grants, and co-sponsoring wonderful academic events such as History Day, Science Fair competitions and many other extraordinary proceedings.

HEF recognizes students for special achievement in a wide variety of areas including academics, citizenship, improvement and scholarship. This program strives to encompass all students. It awards not only those students who are presently academic achievers; HEF also commends students who do not necessarily achieve academically, but who have potential to excel and who need reassurance.


HEF funds grants to help establish an academic environment that will encourage students to realize their potential as members of society. Teachers can submit proposals to HEF. The proposal consists of a program the teacher would like to carry out within their academic discipline. Accompanying each proposal is a budget within which the program will operate. The process is designed so that the reviewers can assimilate as much information about the proposed grant as possible. The HEF Board of Directors then reviews the proposal and a number are selected for funding the following academic year. Monies are then allocated for the materials, equipment, or educational event that comprises the proposal.